Honored Guest of CCTV,Calling for Green Chemicals
Date:2017-01-06 15:46:49     Read:2106
       Tianjin Port explosion bang, a long tangled in the hearts of the problem once again pushed the cusp - how to contradict the chemical industry and environmental safety and unity, so that chemical products to the green era? Recently, the adhesive expert, Guangzhou Botai Materials Technology, Dr. Ye Yongqian, general manager of the invited to participate in the CCTV, "Chinese businessmen to see" the discovery of the trip to the already banned in the foreign coal tar pitch is still widespread use of China, for example, Called the infrastructure and the chemical industry to improve environmental awareness and safety of coal tar pitch said "NO".
Dr. Ye Yongqian has been focusing on the research and promotion of environment-friendly new materials, especially epoxy asphalt. He has been engaged in the research and obtained many invention awards and patents at the Institute of Chemistry of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Monash University of Australia and the famous American adhesive company HB FULLER. Its founder of the enterprise - Guangzhou Bond Chemical and Botai Material Technology Corporation has become a national support of high-tech enterprises.
In the interview, Dr. Ye pointed out that the commonly used epoxy coal tar pitch contains "coal tar" components, not only pollute the atmosphere, harm the skin, carcinogenic toxins, and worse, the vapor and air can form explosive mixtures, case of fire, , Easy to burn explosion. In addition, the use of epoxy coal tar pitch there are poor temperature stability, winter crisp summer soft, strong flavor and other characteristics, in Europe and the United States has long been banned. However, in China, such a low-grade hazardous materials but because of cheap and still widely used in oil pipeline anti-corrosion coatings and a variety of anti-corrosion waterproof coating products.
Based on environmental protection, pollution-free, energy-saving emission reduction, the use of safety, performance, high-strength design philosophy, under the leadership of Dr. Ye Bangbang Chemical and Botai materials technology to create environmentally friendly solvent-free epoxy asphalt patent products - cool state cold mix epoxy asphalt. As one of the forerunners of environmental protection chemicals, Dr. Ye's research on epoxy asphalt has received more and more attention and application. It is believed that in the near future, cold mix epoxy asphalt can replace epoxy coal tar pitch, Commonly used products.
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