About Us


After ten years of development Bond Materials has become an innovative and multi-functional high-tech company. Facing the new challenges, the company is ready to step further to achieve excellence in many aspects, including actively achieve sales globally, promoting technical innovation and environmental protection. Our target is to become a first-class technology company.

The development strategies can be summarised as follows:

1. Marketing strategy: including the branding of company products and incorporating the product lines in other relevant  industries.

2., Technology development strategy: expanding and making full use of the company's R&D facilities and capability; continue improving the quality of the R&D work and product lines. transfer the R&D results into market-demanding products  

2., Professional Team development strategy:  developing a top-class professional team and concentrating on some well-defined  directions. Quality of the team is the foundation of company. Professional training, incentive and reward system will be the way for sustainable and improvement of the company.